iFresh android app

Jun 23, 2016 by in Android Apps
iFresh android app

The project promotes better food management and shopping patterns.

It aims to minimize the food wastage problem through users mobile.

Save effort and Time

The application eliminates the need to continually monitor products to avoid products wastage because of expiration.

Economical Advantage

Lower disposal costs - If each household decreases food wastage there may be an overall reduction in the food disposal costs on the economy.


Reduce the landfills by reducing food wastage we also in turn reduce Landfills which are a major source of the greenhouse gas Methane

Social Benefits

Feed people - By keeping track of when the food is going to expire, it prevents wastage and if we have surplus food we can donate it to food rescue organizations.


The App allows you to easily track your food expiration dates to avoid wasting your money and time. It will also create a shopping list automatically for you when products are no more available at your home or expired. This shopping list can also be shared and synchronized with your family members

iFresh android app

Please visit this link to see the project:

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